Cross Stitch Kits

Original designs and supplies for cross stitch kits.

Classic and Modern Designs

We have a variety of designs ranging from a more classic look to more modern.

Cross Stitch Charts

We currently have a FREE Cross Stitch chart with more on it’s way!

J Needlecraft – Long Eaton

Hello and thank you for visiting J Needlecraft – a welcoming ‘home’ for all cross-stitch embroidery and craft addicts.

We have an ever-expanding range of cross-stitch kits including botanical art, featuring favourite flowers like the snowdrop and anemone, as well as striking art nouveau style designs including the ever popular tulip and hyacinth. We have a range of birds, some from original designs dating back to the early 1900s, while on a different theme there are collections featuring mushrooms and fruit.

J Needlecraft kits are all original designs, so please take the time to browse through our ‘catalogue’ and feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Here’s to the love of cross-stitch and crafts all around the world.

Cross Stitch Kits


Cross Stitch Kits


Cross Stitch Kits

Art Nouveau

Cross Stitch Kits


Cross Stitch Kits


Cross Stitch Kits

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