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Inspiration is all around

 Well summer solstice is just under a week a way, and yet here we are enjoying another faltering English summer that is full of sun and showers and a healthy slice of windy weather as well. Oh, and to quote a famous song, thunderbolt and lightening very, very...

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Hello flower!

Well, the Dracunculus might not be everyone's cup of tea for the garden - it is known for emitting a rather foul smell, after all. But this exotic plant can add great ornamental interest to a garden . . .  and we can assure you it is certainly equally striking as a...

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Order in the chaos

It's been a busy two or three weeks and while we haven't managed to put an update on here, we have been quietly working away in the background to get the J Needlecraft business well and truly underway. Fabric and threads were ordered and have arrived safely, so it has...

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Spring Daffodils?

We're working very hard to try to complete the design of a daffodil bookmark in time for Easter. We were inspired to do this by the anticipated arrival of Spring - after all it was the Spring equinox last week. Well, as everyone in the UK now knows, winter is not...

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