Cross Stitch Kit Snowdrop
Harley Dane

 Cross Stitch Kit Snowdrop

We are delighted to announce that our cross stitch kit Snowdrop is back!

Worryingly for us our stock levels had dwindled down, almost to nothing. We had been unable to find the background cloth we had originally used. Many thanks to the very friendly and helpful people at Zweigart, who saved the day!  We met them at a trade show earlier in the year we now have our cloth and in plentiful supply.

One of our favourite cross stitch kits, the snowdrop is amongst the earliest flowers suggesting that spring is in the air and the dark winter days are drawing to a close.  Although, it is not uncommon for a fall of snow to arrive along with the flowers.  Luckily, snowdrops are a hardy species and look especially pretty surrounded by snow.

This is one of our smaller kits and is wonderfully relaxing to sew. It is ideally suited for anyone wishing to try cross stitch for the first time or for anyone who just loves snowdrops.

More Spring Flowers and another Great Dane

Having to concentrate on making up new stock of our snowdrop cross stitch kit, focussed my mind towards spring flowers.  A little late for this year maybe, but I have just about finished a chart for a yellow, or white, or possibly a deep purple crocus, not quite decided…. perhaps all three?  These will be smaller kits, so quicker to stitch for those of us who don’t want a big project.

Now It’s back to sewing my Iris design and trying not to get distracted, (I’ve already got an idea for an art nouveau inspired snowdrop Christmas card). The Iris is very nearly complete and once I’m happy with the design it will be introduced into to our ‘Botanical Series’.   Next is another Great Dane, Harley, the chart is ready to sew – so many ideas and not enough time!