There’s nothing better than finding you have spare time to spend cross stitching. The cross stitch addict even manages to sew while on holiday – be it for work or pleasure. Although it is always pleasurable, even when it’s work ๐Ÿ™‚

So where is your favourite place to cross stitch? We’ve had a look back at this year to remember some of the best memories of both relaxed stitching and those snatched moments to indulge.

So what are our best ‘moments’? Well, one of us is a Doctor Who addict and a very recent ‘high’ was cross stitching while watching the first of the new series featuring Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Sewing to Doctor Who is obligatory . . . ย and, of course, fabric offers the perfect ‘shield’ in front of face when the scary bits start! As a 54-year-old ‘stitcher’ is that pathetic?! This stitcher, it has to be said, also has a Doctor Who case for her iphone and a tardis as her usb port – oh, and the Doctor Who theme tune for her ring tone. Addict or what? Anyone else out there enjoy sewing and Doctor Who at the same time?2013-07-27 18.57.54

IMG_0105A more sensible favourite was sitting in the sunshine in our local park. Friends sewing on a park bench is a great way to while away some time and always sparks comments (pleasant ones) from passers-by. A great conversation starter. Always remember to take a flask and a slice of cake to add to the occasion (being careful not to spill coffee or get greasy fingers on the material). We speak from experience.

A boating break on the English canals was also the perfect place to sew. There is only one speed when taking out the narrowboat on the canals . . . and it’s called relaxed. So this offers, in our opinion, one of the best chill-out times for cross stitch. Sewing while watching the world go by, or even while passing the Cape of Good Hope. (It’s an English canalside pub, so of course one doesn’t always go past it without stopping!!)

IMG_0091We’ve also decided that the cross stitch should also go with us when having a drive out in the car – either an outing from home or while on holiday. Parking up alongside a delightful view and enjoying it while sewing is particularly satisfying after a picnic lunch.DSC_0001

We’d like to hear some of your memories of sewing and your favourite places to use the needle and thread, so let us know.

However, we ought to issue one word of warning. Be careful that your cross stitch capers don’t offend the less enamoured with the craft. During one enjoyable stitch session on the narrowboat, these two (Harley and Frida) made it abundantly clear that they were fed up and bored . . . and made a point of showing their disgust by sloping off along the canal bank!


Cross stitch? Get knotted!

Cross stitch? Get knotted!