They say that time goes faster as you get older.  OK, so there is no point in pontificating . . . let’s go for plain English. Yes it does. You can throw all the statistics and science that you like – but time does go faster. Well, OK, in deference to the scientists and statisticians . . . it seems to go faster 🙂

That is the reason (aka excuse) for not having ‘blogged’ again before now. We have, however, been busy – honestly. Starting a business out of a hobby that you love is a dream, but when the business and hobby is cross stitch (*substitute any craft*) and you are designing and creating your own kits/crafts, then time is of an essence. Original cross stitch designs have to be designed, created, stitched to confirm thread amounts, colour correctness and that it looks as good as you think. Takes time, you see.

We’re itching to sell and the first kits will be available within the next week or so, but we know we have to expand the range considerably. Time comes in to play again. Oh yes, our old friend ‘Time’. Do we think ‘Time’ is ‘Old Man Time’ or could it be ‘Ms Time’? I know we have ‘Miss-ed Time’ being on our side ;-)!

Having said that, however, we have to be fair and say that time can sometimes be on our side. You see, having made the decision to have a go at a start-up craft business, we can use time to get things right and to develop and build the brand and business. We don’t have the impetuousness of youth (*strikes sad pose*) and so time isn’t of the essence as it always was in those halcyon days ;-)! (*Remembering soft top sports cars and the absolute necessity to shop for the latest fashion in the coolest shops*) We should add here: *my God, what is she wearing? That just wouldn’t have been allowed in my day.* But doesn’t that comment still relate to our old friend ‘Time’?  We’ll grant him/her/it a capital letter.

So what is this blog about? Well, as its title suggests, it’s a timely reminder to all – of whatever age – that ‘time’ (no capital on this occasion) does not wait for anyone (*refuse to say ‘no man’*) but it can still be on our side. To all those starting up a new business, of whatever sort, use time . . . use time to get it right. Set your alarms by all means . . . but a race against time could spell disaster. Make time your friend.

One thing of which we are always sure . . . there is always time for tea. One white no sugar, one black no sugar. Thank you 🙂 Now ‘time’ for work . . .