It’s been a busy two or three weeks and while we haven’t managed to put an update on here, we have been quietly working away in the background to get the J Needlecraft business well and truly underway.

Fabric and threads were ordered and have arrived safely, so it has been all about cutting the fabric for the kits and putting the many, many threads on to stock cards and into drawers. These threads are now being put onto the thread cards and into our cross stitch kits.

So, we are in a situation where we have a range of kits – all ready to go. The ‘office’ has threads, kits, material, scissors, needles, bits of paper and numerous other crafty type items in all corners of the room. It looks utter chaos, but somehow there is order in the storm and we know what we are doing. Honest 😉

We are close now to approaching outlets to see if they will stock the kits – but our biggest ambition is to sell them directly and we are looking at getting that underway very soon.

So that is the next step – to get the kits out there and advertised on-line. Jane is also already working on new watercolours, which she will turn into some stunning new cross stitch designs.

So J Needlecraft has taken its first steps . . . and it is growing up very quickly. Exciting times.

Here’s a photo of a few of our made-up kits. It’s not a studio shot by any means, but it gives an idea of the range.