Crocus Cross Stitch Kit

Crocus cross stitch kit part of our botanical collection


From an original watercolour by Jane Gordon.

The crocus is a favourite flower – one of the first signs of spring.

Crocus cross stitch kit
Design size: 8 ins x 6 ins

Kit contents: 28 count linen, DMC stranded cotton, needle, chart, instructions and thread organiser

Kit & P+P


Crocus Cross Stitch Kit

The crocus cross stitch kit was inspired by a watercolour painted by our designer Jane Gordon, featuring a cheerful group of lilac and purple flowers growing in her garden in early spring, this kit is one of our botanical series.

Did you know?

The plural of crocus is crocuses or croci (so now you know!). The cup-shaped, solitary flower tapers off into a narrow tube and colours vary enormously for this popular bulb flower –  although lilac, mauve, yellow and white are very popular.

While varieties can flower in the summer and autumn, they are especially popular as a flower that signals winter is nearly gone and spring is on its way, with large areas of brightly coloured flowers forming a beautiful  ‘carpet’ display.

Indeed, it is such a lovely, feisty little flower that even if there is late winter snow on the ground, the goblet-shaped flowers will still push through to warm the heart. In the old wive’s tales of the language of flowers, crocus is said to mean ‘cheerfulness’. Anyone who looks out of a window as winter draws to a close and sees these little flowers springing to life will completely agree with that.

They are perennial bulbs and spread naturally, giving us all a lovely winter/spring display every year.  They can even  be planted in pots and brought inside to give a beautiful display of spring flowers at Christmas time.