Dracunculus Cross Stitch Kit

Dracunculus cross stitch kit part of our botanical range


A botanical cross stitch design by Jane Gordon

An image of the cover of the Dracunculus Cross Stitch Kit
Design size: 14.5 ins x 10.5 ins.

Kit content: 14 count aida, DMC stranded cotton, needle, chart, instructions and thread organiser.

Kit including P&P


Dracunculus Cross Stitch Kit

Our Dracunculus cross stitch kit was taken from a watercolour by our designer Jane Gordon, appropriately, this sinister looking plant was found growing in the garden of her mother-in-law.

Did you know?

This spectacular plant has a number of common names including dragon arum, dragon wort, stink lily, viagra lily and brook leek.

This dramatic plant is a deciduous, tuberous perennial, it has palmate (finger like) green leaves with a purple spotted stem, the flower consists of a red/purple hood (spathe) with a deep purple/black spike (spadix)  It flowers in spring and summer, it is a Mediterranean plant but will grow in sheltered parts of Britain.  After flowering it produces bright orange berries.

It is an odd plant which is pollinated by flies rather than bees, this, perhaps, goes a long way to explain the smell given by this plant!  When it is ready for pollination it produces a foul smell reminiscent of rotting meat!  This smell vanishes when pollination is complete.

There are several interesting facts or folklores regarding this plant, possibly the most mythical of these claims is that carrying the leaves of the plant will fend off vipers and serpents, even sailors carried the leaves to protect against sea serpents!  Another related claim, not one to be recommended, is to make a liquor of the leaves and use it for hand washing, this is said to enable a person to handle snakes with impunity!

The leaves were once used to wrap cheese.

The Horticultural Trades Association categorise this plant as class C – hazardous, although there are no reported incidents.