Rhodotus Palmatus Mushroom Cross Stitch Kit

” Now more commonly seen in the UK, with attractive peach tones which inspired this mushroom cross stitch kit “

Rhodotus palmatus

From an original design by Jane Gordon

Design size: 5.5 in x 5 in (approx)

Kit contents: 14 count Aida, DMC stranded cotton, needle, chart, instructions and thread organiser

Kit & P & P

Rhodotus palmatus

This attractively coloured mushroom is often described as beautiful and spectacular when at its peak.  This was the inspiration for the design and creation of this kit.

The Rhodotus palmatus mushroom appears pink in colour at first before ripening to peach and finally to apricot. It grows on elm logs or beams in early autumn to winter and used to be rare but, due to Dutch elm disease in Britain, it has become a little more common.

However, across Europe increases in the levels of air pollution during the 1980s as well as changing land uses led to declines in the populations of certain mushrooms  – including Rhodotus palmatus.

It is listed as critically endangered, endangered or near threatened in 12 European countries.  In 2005 it was one of 35 fungal species to gain legal protection in Hungary where you can be fined if you are caught picking one.

This mushroom is not edible.

The Rhodotus palmatus mushroom cross stitch kit is one of a series of six different mushrooms from original watercolour paintings by our designer.  These six kits were created to look good individually or spectacular as part of group.

Mushrooms offer such a brilliant range of colour, shape and variety, from the red and white spotted varieties, traditional in fairy tales, to the just really weird.  Our mushroom series tries to represent just a few of these interesting fungi.

The mushroom cross stitch series was designed because mushrooms are such a fascinating species.  They are fast growing often appearing, as if by magic overnight and sometimes in ‘fairy circles’ this just adds to the sense of mystery – it is no wonder that they often feature in stories and folk law.

Added to this is the sense of ‘danger’ with many varieties being delicious and nutritious when eaten raw or cooked, but others are deadly, many people forage for mushrooms, but it pays to learn from an expert as there are serious poisonings and occasional deaths every year from gathering mushrooms.